Report: Vocational education poor

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The National- Friday, February 4, 2011

 THERE is a dysfunctional system of vocational education and training in PNG which has existed since independence, accordingly to a report.

Launched yesterday at the National Research Institute, the report titled “Vocational technical skills development: a challenge of Papua New Guinea” indicated national training plan, a national qualifications framework, a clear leading roles for business and industry, as well as quality standards in curriculum and delivery as essential components of a functional system.

Author Tom Seta said this vocational training system would depend upon establishment of a coordinating authority which should then coordinate the production of a national training plan.

This includes developing and regulating curriculum, standards and quality and ensuring that their provision meets national priorities.

He added that a lot of work would need to be done by the department of education and within the TVET division to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public technical colleges and provincial run vocational centres.