Reports reflect moral decay


HE daily media reports about decaying social and moral values in our society is alarming.
Journalists should be commended for writing such reports.
We should not try to hide the seriousness of law and order issues in Papua New Guinea.
It is important that the media reports ethnic clashes violence, murder, rape, domestic violence and other evil deeds.
These reports makes a person sick by reading them.
Many Papua New Guineans are nominal Christians.
Some are even godless.
There are people who have given up their religious faith but still claim to be Christians, usually in a census report.
I am sure many serious law and order issues are caused by people who pretend to be Christians but are not practising the teachings of their faith.
But we can find professed Christians committing crimes as well.
Our law and order issues could lead to some large-scale chaotic situations into the future.
What type of society would we be living in in 10 years?
We have to consider that.
The Government, lawmakers and the law enforcing agencies should act now to seriously address the law and order issues.
Reports of crime and violence in Africa and the Middle East are similar to issues that Papua New Guinea is facing.
I think this comparison is fair.
The outcomes of this are large scale destructions, starvation, deaths and thousands of people being displaced.
We can learn to do better by learning from history and events around the world.


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