Request for Kennedy’s children to attend funeral granted

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THE two children of the late 19-year-old Jenelyn Kennedy are likely to attend their mother’s funeral in Port Moresby tomorrow, an official says.
Executive director of National Child and Family Welfare Services Simon Yanis said he was going to issue an authority to the family of their father Bosip Kaiwi yesterday to ensure that the children attended their mother’s funeral.
The Kennedy family had written to Yanis requesting that her two children be brought to her funeral service which will be held at the Rev Sioni Kami Memorial Church before she is laid to rest at the 9-Mile cemetery.
“Your request to have the children to attend the mother’s funeral is (granted) and I will be issuing an authority to make sure they attend their mother’s funeral,” he said.
Yanis said they wanted to protect the children because they could not protect their mother.
“We want to protect the children because we couldn’t take full custody of her case and we regret that and we are sorry,” Yanis said.
“We will do an independent assessment of both families and then we will do a permanent placement of the two children and then look for a care plan for them.
“At the moment we see that the children may be at risk but we have been waiting for someone to report to us, according to the duty to report under Section 38 of the Lukautim Pikinini Act.”
He said officers from the National Capital District and headquarter had discussed the case and “we have a way forward” on how the children’s case was going to be handled.
“First, we will be doing an independent investigation into the welfare and wellbeing of the two children, a three-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter,” he said.


  • It’s good to hear that relevant authorities are stepping in to make sure the welfare of Jenelyn’s kids are looked into.

    For the Authorities, please find a good home for them where it is full of love and that they grow up knowing they will be well looked after.

    Some questions that must be asked are, who will take custody of these innocent children?, Are Jenelyn’s family the right people to take care of these kids?, Did Jenelyn’s family look after Jenelyn when she was still in school?, Did it even matter to them to find Jenelyn when she was only 15 and disappeared?, Why didn’t the family make it a priority to look for her?, did they care?, Why did she willingly follow the man who later took her life and never bothered to come home?

    A loving home and family creates a better environment where no child is neglected. This young woman was neglected at home and ended up dying at the hands of someone who promised to love her and take good care of her. Aren’t these words the something a young girl would love to hear which can indicate that her future is set?

    Sore lo disla yangpla life i lus na ol pikinini we i blessing blong Bikman yumi ol lain i karim displa wok long lukautim ol yumi Fail pinis….Lesson goes to all the parents and guardians in the country to please look after and love our children so they don’t go out and look for a better life that promises them love and attention they supposed to receive at home.

    My thoughts.

  • I Totally Agree with you Leonard. Jenelyn’s Relatives obviously would’t be the right choice for the custodianship of the two kids.

    Please the authorities needs to carefully look through and place them both in a loving christian home

  • We can be to very vocal and making headlines in all streams of media, the regrettable thing is that we have fail to protect the victim at the first place. this is a product of ignorance as a: parent, family, and concern Authorities; take immediate action don’t wait till late. late Jamelyn case should serve as a lesson to every parents out there especially girls.. don’t fear or favor any one protect your, siblings.

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