Request still pending


I AM a former member of Police Savings and Loans Society (POLSAV) writing to vent my frustration on the Teachers Savings and Loans Society (TISA) sluggish handling of my full refund request.
Since submitting my cease application over three months ago, I am still waiting for my refund. After my recent check, I was advised to check again at the end of the month, that’s four straight months.
I have waited for almost one year with POLSAV for my refund and can’t wait that long again. The response I have been getting over the last three months is; it’s with our IT section for verification.
It has been very frustrating going to and fro checking on this.
I know there was a “data cleansing” exercise carried out prior to the merger which was the most important process.
I don’t see any reason why it’s taking too long to process payment.
This exercise was the final process before the takeover.
TISA’s boast of being one of the premier Savings and Loans Society is questionable.
Be a good corporate citizen and to assist us former members in processing our claims promptly.
We are facing financial hardship, please pays us out.


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