Research officer gets help to study in Serbia


A database and research officer from the National Office for Child and Family Services has been given a scholarship to study at the University of Belgrade in Serbia.
Moses John, 34, from Kompiam-Ambum in Enga, was one of the recipients under the Serbian government’s ‘World in Serbia’ project scholarship programme.
He will be doing a two-year master’s programme in organisational management.
Before joining Child and Family Services in 2016, John worked as a project officer for children in street situations with World Vision (PNG).
That job came after he had graduated from the University of Technology with a Bachelor of Technology degree for communications and development in 2013.
“I thank God for the life he has given me and my family for their support,” John said.
“I feel blessed and honoured with this opportunity given.
“I will do my best to complete my thesis with high grades to give back to those who had played a part in one way or the other to get me this far.
“I would also like to thank my boss Simon Yanis, the director for the Office for Child and Family Services, for his support to allow me to take up this scholarship while ensuring that my family are taken care of back home while I am away studying.”
Yanis thanked Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Rimbink Pato for his initiative to bring in foreign scholarship programmes like this to give young people opportunities to study abroad in various fields.
“Having my officer, Moses, being a recipient to study at the University of Belgrade makes me proud,” Yanis said.
“He will bring back with him new ideas and skills that will help to enhance the capacity of the work he does in the office, and also share those new ideas with his colleagues for effective and good practice within the office.”