Reserve constable among injured

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The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SEVERAL people, including a police reserve constable, have been injured in a road accident at the Kefamo Bridge of the Highlands Highway, 5km west of Goroka town Eastern Highlands.
The accident on Monday saw a truck travelling at speed downhill hitting a new 15-seater bus parked in a queue.
The bus then hit the vehicle in front and the chain reaction caused several vehicles to be damaged.
The vehicles had been stopped by Kefamo locals who demanded payment for clearing a fallen branch off the road.
The police reserve constable was hurt while trying to take control of the situation and seriously injured.
The injured were treated at the Goroka Base Hospital and discharged.
Eyewitness at the scene said a heavy truck ferrying an excavator snapped a tree branch above the road.
When the branch fell on to the road, local boys cleared it and demanded money from every passing vehicles.
The truck loaded with coffee bags and bound for Goroka town, ran straight into the 15-seater bus.
The driver and crew of the truck were stuck in the cabin and had to be helped out by police.
The truck allegedly had faulty brakes.
Eastern Highlands provincial police commander Augustine Wampe could not be reached yesterday for comments but he earlier issued stern warnings on PMV operators to ensure their vehicles were road worthy before they carried passengers.