Reserving seats a joke


THE 22 reserved seats for women planned by the government is a sham and lacks justification.
Dame Carol Kidu and others made submissions on a fair and transparent process on recruiting women for consideration for parliament. After three submissions the National Executive Council approved it in 2008 which was to come into effect in the 2012 General Election, which did not eventuate.
Their justification was based on Goal 2 of the (National Goals and Directive Principles) which promotes equality and participation.
That every women citizen should have equal participation in all political activities. They blamed our culture for preventing women in decisions making roles.
They went on to accuse the electoral system for not delivering reasonable opportunity for women.
Furthermore, they found a loophole in s102 of the constitution that allowed for three members to be “appointed” by absolute majority votes in parliament.
Their plan is that after 2012 there will be reserved seats for women.
Let’s conserve our true identity and try to develop within it.
The proposed seats is just a mere joke and a political stunt and should not be pursued as it has no robust, firmed nor cultural, and physical backings in the community.

E. Ulach

One thought on “Reserving seats a joke

  • There were couple of women who have recently being voted in the parliament. Their incompetency to bring in service and development has led them down.

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