Reservist in NGI step down

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The National,Wednesday 13th of February, 2013

POLICE reservists in parts of New Guinea Islands have stood down from active duty following the recent directive from the Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga.
Assistant Police Commissioner Islands Chief Supt Anthon Billie confirmed this yesterday, saying that instruction had gone out to reservists in the region not to report for duty.
He said from reports he received from respective police stations around the country, reservists had stopped working.
This was the case also for East New Britain, especially in the Kokopo and Rabaul districts.
However, Billie said there were some reservists who voluntarily offered their services to assist the normal policing activities in the community and this could be accepted as long as they did not expect to be paid allowances.
He clarified that these reservists would be catered for under the respective police station commanders.
Billie was not able to give the exact number of reservists in the province.
He made special mention of some reservists in Rabaul who performed their duties diligently, mainly in community policing to the rural areas and assisting where there was shortage of police manpower.
Billie said the scenario now was that with the standing down of reservists, there would be shortage of manpower.
He said the onus was now on local level governments and districts to provide support if they were keen on combating law and order at their doorsteps.