Resident calls for check on company

Lae News, Normal

Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

A VOCAL critic of foreigners taking over small businesses in Papua New Guinea has called for the Immigration Department to “tighten up” its belts after an assault on two Chinese nationals was reported yesterday
Ben Jeremiah, from the Papuan Compound in Lae, Morobe, said he had called on relevant authorities to look into the issue of foreigners operating small businesses in the country but nothing had happened.
“The Immigration Department and other relevant authorities must scrutinise these foreign-owned mini-marts and shops to determine whether their owners are entering and operating legally in our country,” Jeremiah said.
He made the comments after a report yesterday about two Chinese nationals being beaten up by police after a student created problems in their shop in Port Moresby.
Jeremiah said the attitude of some Asian shop owners towards locals was a disgrace.
He said these small shops, mini-marts and food bars were reserved for Papua New Guineans but foreigners had taken over.