Residential roads need attention


City manager Bernard Kipit said recently said his goal for the year is to ensure that all main roads in the city do not have any potholes.
That’s good to hear and I will support any such effort.
Kipit should, however, not forget that the majority of residents do not live near main roads but in residential areas.
They have to encounter roads that are riddled with potholes on the way to work and back.
Residents pay various taxes, including assessment rates, and deserve basic services like lighting, water supply as well as decent roads.
Do we need to pay more for repairs to our vehicles as well because the National Capital District Commission is preoccupied with main roads and not the roads around residential areas?
With the rainy season, damaged roads are deteriorating even more.
So Kipit, talk less and serve the residents who are paying your salary.
The same goes to Governor Powes Parkop.
Yoga should not be his only concern.

Port Moresby

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