Residents accuse contractor

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 13th June 2013


RESIDENTS at 5-Mile in Port Moresby have accused the contractor of the K30 million road they were building from the 5-Mile roundabout to the Erima junction of negligence in the collapse of a segment of the road.

They told The National yesterday that a water tap on the side of the road leading to the collapsed segment had been running for the past two weeks and that settlers at 5-Mile were getting free water and using it to bathe and to do their laundry.

Resident Eileen Kwalimu said: “Our street at the moment has turned into a bathroom with people living along the strip of road turning up daily to wash themselves and their clothes.

“It is also causing the drains near Ponderosa Hotel to stink, which is very unhygienic,” she said.

“Eda Ranu had initially set up the tap and now, since settlers have been coming and using the water, the water pressure into our homes have dropped and we wonder also who is paying for the water which is continuously running daily.

“The stones that were initially used for the damaged concrete wall that were dismantled are piled up and are actually being sold to potential buyers,” Kwalimu added.

Another resident Raymond Wayu said: “We understand that road repair works are continuing but why let a tap run for 24 hours and then let our street stink with usage of it?

“Eda Ranu had diverted the huge main pipe that was running under the road and now they (settlers) are coming and using the water free of charge.”

Meanwhile, Eda Ranu operations manager Joseph Toaki has assured residents that an inspection would be done to the site immediately to address the situation.

“Normally we have installed communal taps for settlers installed for the settlements in NCD but at a lower rate in order for them to pay for the service,” he said.

“But then, I was not aware of how the tap was set up there, but I will definitely inspect the area and see for myself firsthand of the situation then be able to make a report on that.”