Residents: Consuming liquor in public increasing

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

PEOPLE are still defying an alcohol ban in Lae by drinking in public places.
Most settlement areas around the city have reported that since the departure of the mobile squad policemen from Port Moresby and Highlands, there had been an upsurge in the drinking of alcohol in public with drunks roaming the streets.
Lae metropolitan commander Supt Nema Mondiai has denied that police are unable to contain the situation.
He said the alcohol ban was still in force and his men were policing the ban.
Mondiai said people found drinking and those found illegally selling homebrew and liquor would be dealt with.
The people of Lae have been told that a police hotline has been set up and people wanting to report suspicious activities or trouble should call 472 1833.