Residents find body of unidentified man

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014


THE corpse of an unidentified man, believed to have been murdered, was found yesterday at the Raun Wara area in Eriku, Lae.

The gruesome discovery was made by members of the public between 9am and 10am.

Police were alerted.

Church-goers and commuters who were preparing for the day were shocked by the news.

Police said they were treating the case as “a suspicious death”.

It was the fourth death reported this year in Lae following two murders at the Bumbu Compound and another killing at the Busu Compound in the recent weeks. 

Among those who died was a pregnant mother of Morobe and Madang origin allegedly stabbed by her husband, who was reportedly under the influence of homebrew. 

Circumstances surrounding the corpse were unclear but people who flocked to the scene said the man had bruises on his face and parts of his body. 

Witnesses said the corpse was found floating on the lake among weeds. 

“He (deceased) is a middle-aged man possibly from the New Guinea Islands area,” a police source said.

“The body is at the Angau Hospital morgue awaiting  an autopsy.” 

Police have appealed to people who have missing relatives or family members to front up at the Angau hospital morgue and help them identify the body.

A police investigation into the death is underway.