Residents loot freight truck

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The National, Friday 03rd August 2012

BYSTANDERS at the Konedobu roundabout looted a semi-trailer ferrying goods to the wharf after it overturned near the Motu Koita -Assembly head office.
The truck, belonging to TST group, crashed along the Hubert Murray Highway at about 1.30pm yesterday.
Witnesses said bystanders flocked the scene immediately and made off with the goods in the container.
No one was injured.
The truck’s driver, Petrus Paiva, said he was delivering goods to the wharf to be transported to Daru, Western prrovince, when the brakes failed and he crashed into another vehicle.
The truck ended up in a nearby ditch.
Paiva, 29, from Miaru, Gulf, said he tried to stop the looters but was shoved aside.
They forced open the container and treated themselves to the goods.
Paiva said he alerted his bosses who then called police and security.
He said police arrived 10 minutes later and dispersed the crowd.