Residents must move out of fly-over area

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 PEOPLE living along the Erima and Wildlife road in the National Capital District have been given two weeks to vacate the area for the construction of a multi-million kina fly-over bridge.

Homes and trade stores were marked to identify those who must move from the area.

Police went in yesterday with a backhoe and graders to demolish houses in the area. 

According to a resident, who wished not to be identified, they were served the notice to vacate two weeks ago. 

He said PNG Power officers switched off the electricity supply to the houses in the area.

He said people who rented houses there had already left but the home-owners stayed back because they had not been informed of where they would be relocated.

The resident said there were about 50 houses and trade stores in the area.