Residents named

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THE Resident Kumuls side for the Telikom Place of Origin series which will be played on Oct 10 in Mt Hagen was announced last Friday in Port Moresby, by the Telikom PNG Kumuls chairman of selectors for  Arnold Krewanty.
The Rait Prepaid Resident Telikom Kumuls will go into camp starting today while their overseas based contryman join them later in the week before travelling to Hagen for the show down against the Xcess international  PNG Kumuls.
Telikom PNG Ltd was awarded the naming rights for both place of origin match and the two teams as well.
In announcing the resident side, Krewanty revealed that the international side would be announced after PNG Kumuls coach Adrian Lam confirms the availability of his players back in Australia later this week.
Krewanty also added that Michael Mark, Menzie Yere and Charlie Wabo, the England-based players would be playing for the resident team, because they had played for the Resident Kumuls over the last couple of years.
It is in this Telikom Place of Origin match 23 players would be selected to represent the Telikom PNG Kumuls in the Pacific Cup which is scheduled to kick off on Oct 25 in Port Moresby.
Samoa and Cook Islands are said to be playing a qualifying match in Cairns on Oct 12 to qualify for the SP Brewery Pacific Cup  to join Fiji, PNG and Tonga in the four nation competition.
The selected Kumuls squad after the Telikom Place of Origin match in again would than go into a  one week camp in Madang before they move down to Port Moresby for the tournament.
The Rait Prepaid Resident Telikom PNG Kumuls are Emmanuel Uki, Michael Mark, Anton Kui, Menzi Yere, Elizah Riyong, Dion Aiye, Francis Ray, Rodney Pora, Charlie Wabo, Kerry Tapako, Glen Nami, Sigfreid Gande, Larsen Marape, George Moni, Simon Young, Jessie Joe and Benjamin John.