Residents urged to be cautious

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

Gerehu Fire Station chief in Port Moresby is urging city residents to be extra cautious when handling electrical appliances or inflammable items.
Superintendent John Gareresi said the city was experiencing a change in climate – sunny and windy.
His caution came after houses at two police barracks burnt and strong winds fanned the flames.
Gareresi said  a duplex in Tyson Barracks burnt down last weekend followed by another house at the  Games Village.
“When you look at the weather pattern now, it’s totally different. June, July and August is dry season, city residents should take extra caution when dealing with fire,” he said.
“When setting fire to burn rubbish, they should take extra precautions,” he said.
Gareresi said when Port Moresby residents were using electrical appliances for cooking, they should be extra careful. He said small children should be watched over because they might accidently start fire.