Residents want ban extended

Lae News, Normal

The National, Friday 06th January 2012

THE Morobe provincial liquor licensing board has been urged to continue the ban on alcohol in Lae city and parts of the province throughout the general election period until the writs are returned.
“We want a trouble-free election, without intimidation, harassment, fear and threatening of voters from the supporters of intending candidates,” leaders from Tent Siti and Bumayong said.
Ahi ward 5 law and order chairman Sam Oyaya, on behalf of leaders from the area, said after the city was declared a no-fighting zone and a ban on alcohol imposed, most settlements experienced a drop in violence.
“We experience peaceful nights, without drunkards shouting here and there and harassing and assaulting people or disturbing the harmony in settlements,” Oyaya said.
He said the production and drinking of homebrew was on the rise and community leaders would support police in any crackdown on producers.
“Liquor has been one of the main contributing factors to family lives and husbands began to learn from their mistakes after liquor ban was imposed,” Oyaya said.
He said alcohol was one of the causes of poor concentration and learning among most school children in Lae city.
“Otherwise, we appeal for a total liquor ban to be imposed on all takeaway shops, nightclubs, settlements and suburbs in Lae city and allow only hotels, motels and taverns,” Oyaya said.
Provincial liquor licensing chairman Bill Singoling said the board was investigating and taking into serious consideration the effects of alcohol abuse.
 “There are stringent measures in place to ensure liquor consumption is controlled to ensure consumers learn how to drink and behave.
“We need to instil some discipline into ourselves when intoxicated,” Singoling said.