Residents warned: Pay up or lose water


BUSINESSES and residents of Mt Hagen have been warned to pay up their water bills or face disconnections.
Water PNG Limited is carrying out a disconnection exercise this month in the city to recover more than K1.5 million in outstanding bills.
Operation team leader James Thomas said the disconnection exercise would include  government institutions such as the Baisu Prison, police station and barracks, hospital, schools, courts, provincial administration, and other government offices.
He said the arrears go back to last year.
He said villagers living around the Holy Trinity Teachers College where the water supply was coming from had their water supply disconnected for nonpayment of bills two years ago.
“I want to appeal to other people having access to water supply installed on their customary land back in their villages to pay their bills,” he said.
Thomas said if they failed to pay, their supply would be cut off.
“I also want to warn people living between Baisu and Hagen city to take note of it and pay up your outstanding bills,” he said.’
He said anyone caught with an illegal connection would be dealt with under the law.