Resource centre opens

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A MULTIMEDIA resource centre for journalists and media personnel was opened  by Australian High Commissioner to PNG Ian Kemish last week.
The centre, an initiative of the PNG Media Council, funded by the Australian government, adjoins the council’s office at Waigani Drive, Boroko.
“This centre is an important tool for the PNG media industry,” the High Commissioner said.
“Australia has been working with the PNG Media Council since 2005, and today we move into another phase geared towards continuing the development of a strong, vibrant and skilled media in PNG,” he said.
The centre provides journalists with access to online resources, and a growing collection of books and journals on media, media development and a host of other subjects.
The centre also boasts  interactive learning facilities, video conferencing and the internet.
“This centre will become a focus for journalists and aspiring journalists throughout PNG or visiting our country and for media both here and abroad,” council president Joe Kanekane said.
“It will help them do their job better.
“Gathering, reporting and disseminating the information we all need to know is important in maintaining and developing our free, democratic nation.
“Over time, we hope to help every journalist in the nation in one way or another,” he said.
Mr Kemish said: “The media has an important development job, holding governments, organisations and people accountable, encouraging debate and spreading important messages in key areas such as HIV.
“A centre like this will help to get that job done.
“The opening of the centre is not a passive, one-shot affair.
“It is being well-stocked with materials from overseas and, in time, it will hold new materials related to PNG and to specific issues and concerns within PNG,” Mr Kemish said.