Resources must belong to landowners

Letters, Normal

The National

WE would like all resources in the country to be given back to landowners.
 I want to appeal to the Government of Sir Michael Somare and Opposition leader Sir Mekere Morauta to recall Parliament and vote on the Bill prepared by North Fly MP Boka Kondra and presented at the meeting of leaders in Goroka in July.
I want to appeal to all MPs to pass this Bill.
The landowners have no rights under the current law.
This law was introduced during the colonial days and it is ripping our resources.
How long are we going to stand on our own land as resources owners and yet become mere spectators?
This Bill will help landowners participate as partners as well as non-landowners.
The benefits will be divided between landowners, non-landowners, Government and resource developers. 
At the moment, foreigners are brought in by the Government to exploit our resources and when everything is finished, they pack up and leave nothing behind for the miserable landowners. 
Where is the fairness and justice in this?
It is time for landowners to be directly involved in the decision-making process as resources owners. 
They cannot be left out like it has been happening since PNG gained Independence 34 years ago.
I would like the Parliament to be recalled immediately and MPs must vote for this important Bill and other important matters. 
The Government has breached the Constitution by adjourning Parliament and it has rightly been referred to the Ombudsman Commission.


Noel Anjo Kalao
Port Moresby