Respect and recognise women, says Dame Carol

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The National Monday, December 13, 2010

COMMUNITY Development Minister Dame Carol Kidu has called for women to be respected and recognised as partners in developing Papua New Guinea.
Addressing people at the launch of the Tenenga Mul Ambnga Association at Bukapena in Western Highlands’ Mul-Baiyer district last Friday, Dame Carol said women were the best managers with the heart to serve, but lacked the support to do so.
“Women need help and support to become development partners for the nation to see change,” she said.
Citing a husband-wife example, Dame Carol said if they were to receive a sum of money, the woman was likely to spend about 90% of it on family commitments while the husband would probably use only 30% of it on anything worthwhile.
She also praised local MP Sani Rambi for recognising the needs of women in his electorate by committing K1 million for their activities, a vehicle and an office space for the association.
She said women rights had been ignored in the past and this attitude needed changing.
Dame Carol also promised the Tenenga Mul Ambnga Association that her department would provide them with technical and management support.
Meanwhile, from the K1 million commitment, Rambi paid K250,000 and promised to settle the balance next year.
He also presented a new Toyota Landcruiser to the women last Friday.
Rambi said he would continue to support the organisation in its activities to develop the district.