Respect assembly, MPs told

The National,Friday July 1st, 2016

HELA deputy governor Thomas Potape is calling on the three open MPs in the province to respect the provincial assembly.
“In any provincial assembly, the chairman controls the meeting and when he or she says, ‘point of order’ whoever is talking must stop and respect the chair,” he said.
Potape said this after calling off Tuesday’s assembly meeting where  he said Koroba-Kopiago MP Philip Undialu had disregarded his call for order and continued talking.
“When the chairman tells someone, who is talking without seeking his blessings, to sit down, he or she must listen and respect the chair,” Potape said.
He adjourned the assembly meeting to July 28 and is calling on the two factions led by Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape and Undialu to bring only “legitimate” assembly members into the meeting to elect a governor.
He said then that there were eight people with no voting powers in the assembly who he ordered out. They included five council presidents from failed LLG elections in North Koroba, South Koroba, Tapali, Hayapu and Tari urban.
He said the other three were appointed members.