Respect the constitution


GROWING up seeing Papua New Guinea’s political visionary leaders lead the country away from the Australian administration in the colonial era was a memorable history.
Such leaders were founding fathers Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, Sir Maori Kiki, Sir Pita Lus, Tony Voutas and others.
They took part in the political reformation in the early 1970s, bringing this nation together in order for us to maintain our identity through our rich culture.
These leaders were not well educated but through the wisdom and faith in God, we had been freed from colonial rule.
The constitution was drafted by these political fathers and other supporting partner nations to guide this new born nation.
Today many young political leaders bypass the constitution which is disrespectful to our past leaders who have struggled and committed themselves to putting it together.
We cannot change if we still live in a society of boasting that causes corruption which is destroying our beautiful rich nation. Stop!
Act positive and learn from your founding fathers before doing anything unconstitutional.
Change is what many ordinary Papua New Guineans are hoping for. We only have five more years before we celebrate the country’s golden jubilee.

Frankie Aros Poros,

One thought on “Respect the constitution

  • Respect the constitution

    We need to respect the constitution our forefathers have put them in place. There is a significant differences between what our forefathers have in mind than what today’s leadership is heading.
    In the past our forefathers walk with one mind, one team. Together as a PNGians. Though they come from different tribal groups; they speak one common language as a PNGians.
    They are true PNGians. If this generation of Papua New Guineans wants change; they have to be true PNGians to change this beautiful country.
    Yes our forefathers have chosen the path of gaining independence so early but they did it to safe the riches of this country before it gone into extinction.
    Now we can be proud that we still have most of our resources because of these bonded unity they have.

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