Respect women and children: Dunn

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BRITISH High Commissioner to PNG David Dunn says it is a fundamental human right for all women and
children to be able to live in an abuse-free and peaceful environment and seek legal redress.
“It is for all these reasons that this commission is continuing to work with the Port Moresby-based crisis centre for women and children (Haus Ruth) for a third year running,” he said.
Mr Dunn said the commission’s partnership with Haus Ruth and financial support enabled battered women and children to seek refuge in a safe environment with food, housing and legal assistance.
This UK–Haus Ruth partnership compliments the decision last August by the British High Commission in Port Moresby to join the Meri Seif Ples initiative, a project of Yumi Lukautim Mosbi.
Mr Dunn said the commission joined many partners and opened their doors to women who were victims of domestic abuse by making the British High Commission a Meri Seif Ples.
“Domestic violence cannot be fixed overnight but hand in hand with partners like Haus Ruth and Meri Seif Ples, a stand against it can be taken by all Papua New Guineans.
“Domestic violence is completely unacceptable, there are no excuses, and it must stop now,” the High Commissioner said.
Haus Ruth manageress Monica Richards said without the sponsorship of the commission, Haus Ruth would not have been able to see the year through.
“The British High Commission is very helpful in terms of sponsoring everything an organisation want.”
She said a total of 128 women; teenage girls and children were accommodated at the crisis wing last year.
“It is good and very satisfying to see that women and children have a safe haven free from violent and abusive homes in which they can share their experiences with others, seek counselling and
hopefully begin to rebuild their lives”, she said.
The Haus Ruth is an initiative of the interfaith organistaion City Mission (PNG), established in 2003 and has since helped hundreds of PNG women and children escape violent environments.