Respect women


Jealousy is a poison that eats away at the minds, hearts and souls of people destroying all the happiness, love and peace that the good Lord so wishes for us to enjoy with our loved ones and fellow men.
I am, therefore, pleading to the people of this nation, do not let the things of this world destroy the beautiful gift of life that God has blessed us with.
Let us all love and respect one and other.
All Christians and preachers should stop preaching about the end of times and start preaching the love of God to all.
God’s love will save all, not the world’s love; so seek Him always and He will cover us with His love protecting us from the snares of this world.
Finally, mothers and fathers teach your sons to love and respect their sisters, cousin sisters, girlfriends and the one they will spend the rest of their lives with.
Let us stop every form of violence against women and girls of this nation.
Jennelyn may not be my daughter, but she is a child of a woman who bore and loved her so much as every mother would do for her child.

Sorrowful Mother