Rest houses need maintenance


PAPUA New Guinea’s highest mountain and the highest in South Pacific, Mt Wilhelm, is located in Chimbu.
It has two rest houses at the banks of the two lakes, Pinde and Yaundo, at the foot of Mt Wilhelm where tourists rest before climbing the mountain.
Both rest houses are in dire need of good renovation.
They can also be replaced with new ones.
The Tourism Promotion Authority, Chimbu government, Kundiawa Gembogl development authority, and the Government should partner in addressing this.
Because of the high altitude, the place there is very cold during the day and night.
Tourists are special people who bring in revenue and contribute to our economy.
In order to attract more tourists, proper facilities should be built to accommodate them.
It will be a loss for the local people, Chimbu government, and the country if this is not addressed soon.

Wel Temai
Kundiawa, Chimbu

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