Restore confidence in the police force

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 ON Jan 25 at 5.30pm in Wabag town, a 10-seater police vehicle, number plate ZGP-167, was driving towards the Wabag hospital from town. 

I noticed  that the driver was in police uniform with  another policeman at the back. 

And there was one woman in the same vehicle sitting with the other police man  in  the back and  she was drinking beer. 

The two policemen did not  stop  her from drinking in the police vehicle. 

In fact, they drove her around while she was drinking.

The general public at Wabag bus stop saw this and at the same time there were some youths drinking at the bus-stop and there  was  no police officer to stop them or to penalise the youths for drinking in public place.

I  am  a tax payer and was not too proud of our Wabag police for what they were doing. 


P Kandeyamkainj , Via email