Restore discipline in our students


TEACHERS come and go just as students progress through different grades and levels of education.
Students have different strengths and weaknesses as they’re from different backgrounds.
Some act as students when they’re in school and in their school uniforms
However, not all of them behave in a way that is expected of them.
Today, students hear the bell ring and duty teachers calling on them to quickly make their way to their classrooms, but they take their time.
Students have lost the urgency to be on time.
They don’t show teachers the respect they deserve compared to students in the past.
Tell them to run and you see them walk.
Ask them to remain and you hear them escape.
Tell them to tuck and button their shirts and they refuse to do so.
Ask them to comb and trim their hair and they do the opposite.
The advice on best practices continue to fall on deaf ears.
The efforts put in by teachers to mold and shape a child as an important individual is not seriously taken.
Some students don’t care about punctuality without the appreciation that going to school is as important as being on time.
The seriousness to be competitive in academic and other activities is declining.
Some act as if they don’t care where they end up after leaving grades 8, 10 or 12.
How can they improve and uphold better standards of education in the country?
It is time we restore the pride and confidence in our students.
Parents have a responsibility to discipline their children.
The home is where a child is fed, nurtured and protected.
It is where he/she learns a lot about life.
Students’ lack of discipline should be addressed as leaving it unattended would have many negative effects.
Some children tend to learn bad ideas and habits from their peers and it is somewhat difficult for teachers and parents to change their mentality.
Doing away with corporal punishment has contributed to a decline in students’ discipline.
It is time our students change for the better.
The changes they make today will impact their life in the future.

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