Restore law, order in society


THERE is growing concern about the breakdown in discipline and respect in our society which has affected everyone and if not addressed soon will affect the future.
How these concerns are addressed is becoming a dilemma as whatever tactics and approaches currently used is not delivering the expected results.
It seems everyone is taking a knee-jerk or reactive reaction rather than looking at a proactive approach to dealing with the situation.
Law and order issues are on the rise, social ills, decline in ethical standard, decline in morality, increase in domestic drug and abuse and the list goes on.
Enough is enough.
It is time for those who perpetrate violence against the vulnerable – old, women and children to be prosecuted to feel the full brunt of the law. Time of condemning such coward acts through forums, countless media statements and etc… are gone, all law-abiding and right thinking citizens should demand that the law be enforced and the government to push the police to act.
Changing beliefs can take a long time.
Everyone has the duty of protecting the vulnerable and should hold accountable those who perpetrate violence against them.
Right now the perpetrators are doing these things with freedom.
A growing trend, even in predominantly Christian communities, and some Christians are now the people, on the ground of superstitious beliefs alone, throwing the first stone at their neighbours, friends and relatives, and declaring them guilty of crimes that are sometimes difficult to prove.
These people are either accused of mystically causing the death of family members and other people in their communities, or of involvement in some mystical practices that are detrimental to their communities.
This rapidly growing verbal mob justice, in which some community members have unilaterally claimed to themselves the role of chief justices, unquestionably presenting the evidence and facts they want the public to see and passing the guilty verdict on others, without even listening to the accused, challenges us all to stand and reflect profoundly on who we really are as Christians.
This thinking pattern implies that those who are condemning others are standing on a higher moral pedestal or ground than those they are condemning.
Yes, when we speak ill of others without evidence, we are actually and directly saying that we are better than they are.
We understand it is not easy dealing with traditional societies, local communities hold the key to ending all violent activities, but leaders should step up and be strong.
Though it had been reported over the yester years, 2019 had been a significant one in history because of the numbers of people, both men and women, reportedly being murdered and tortured within such a very short span of time.
The government is now more focused on using power to resolve this conflict. While it is workable, the danger is that the result may be temporary.
Therefore, the government should take a more proactive approach.
It should collaborate with all stakeholders to establish an amicable solution.
Unless the people are empowered and transformed, this is an attitude problem constructed and crafted by cultural and traditional practices and beliefs, thus, there is possibility that this issue will perpetuate.
Collaboration is the way forward to addressing this issue.
A society that does not protect the vulnerable, the children, the aged, the handicapped and the poor is a failed society.
Action has to start first with prevention.

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