Resurrection gives us hope, says pastor


A pastor from the Papua New Guinea Challenge Ministry Association says Christ’s resurrection has given people reason to believe in life after death.
The senior pastor of the ministry based in Madang, Rev Lorenzo San Juan, said Jesus died and was buried for 72 hours in a tomb but rose again and Lazarus’ rose after four days when called by Jesus.  This, he said was evidence that there was life after death.
He said the story of a rich man and Lazarus in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 16: 19-25) was another evidence of people’s souls having another life after physical death.
“The body is dead when soul and spirit leave. Soul is immortal and survives death.”
He said people’s souls have a duty to seek, love, serve, obey, and store God’s word.
He said the soul of a righteous person would rejoice when he was dead.

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