Retired teacher shares son’s success



The new crusher

RETIRED former school teacher Leo Wau from Kunabau area in Kerowagi district Chimbu will remember the 46th Independence anniversary in many years to come for that was when he switched on a newly built static crusher.
On Sept 30, 2021 Leo Wau was rightfully accorded the honour by his son Godfrid Umba Wau’s civil engineering and construction company Kaiaworks Limited to switch on the static crusher at the Company’s Tinenigle camp along the Mingende section of the Highlands highway.
The launch was planned for Sept 16, on PNG’s 46th Independence anniversary but was delayed to the end of the month due to some technical issues.
Papa Leo (as he is called) and his wife Maria Kura Wau deserved highest recognition as successful parents imposing strict disciplinary guides for their children, who grew to be successful in their chosen walks of life.
Unfortunately, Papa Leo accepted the rare opportunity by himself as his dear wife Maria Wau has passed away on Jan 24, 2019.
Like every parent who wants to be satisfied that their efforts are not wasted as their sons and daughters strive to become some successful citizens, the Waus are no different.
The pioneer educator Papa Leo switched on the static crusher witnessed by prominent Kunabau leaders and people of Kunabau, Gena, Naur, Narku, and Kerowagi.
Tribesmen and others present to witness the launch were all pleased that Papa Leo was accorded respect and honour by his son’s firm.
Every speaker at the gathering spoke highly of Papa Leo and his late wife Maria – of their dedication, commitment, love and discipline they instilled in their seven children as they grew up.
Apart from Godfrid, other children are Wilimina Wau (a nurse), Theresa Kiak Wau (a nurse), Philip Singe Wau (transport supervisor) and Lina Wau (accounts officer), Rose Wau (a chemistry graduate) and Alois Kuman Wau (a heavy equipment fitter with Kaiaworks Ltd.
The parents’ tireless efforts have yielded fruits as the Wau children found successes in their chosen fields, elder son Godfrid Umba succeeded in graduating as a civil engineer from the University of Technology, served various companies before he formed his own company, Kaiaworks Ltd 12 years ago.
Kaiaworks is a fast growing local civil engineering construction company serving PNG and employs many local tradesmen and women.
Papa Leo, a pioneer school teacher switched the crusher on towards the end of the launch. As he sent the machine roaring to crush stones there were shouts from women and men, coupled with tears of joy flowing from all corners of the Tinenigle Kaiaworks yard.
Accordingly, the commissioning or launch of the static crusher seemingly fulfilled the grandstanding slogan of ‘localisation and industrialisation’ for many has been achieved by local construction Company Kaiaworks Limited.
The launch has brought the company’s Tinenigle yard alive celebrating with traditional singsings and dancing.
Managing Director Godfrid Umba pointed out the static crusher was built by locally skilled Papua New Guinean tradesmen using scrap metals and old abandoned parts found at the Komun Crusher near Mt Hagen, Western

Managing Director of Kaiaworks Limited Godfrid Umba
addressing guests, employees and the public who attended the opening.

Highlands and old Simbu Coffee in Wara Simbu near Kundiawa town.
“Many construction companies do build static crushers with imported parts and involvement of foreign expatriates. Uniquely for Kaiaworks we used any old parts we could find at Komun and Wara Simbu with only local Papua New Guinean skilled tradesmen,” Umba proudly announced.
He also revealed that they obtained parts not locally found from overseas, but many key parts are sourced from abandoned crushing sites in Komun and Wara Simbu.
Technically skilled experts in any fields make differences only when working environment is conducive, supplemented with necessary resources and motivational drive like tradesmen enjoy at Kaiaworks Limited.
“If the Government supports me, I will help you, we have some of the top tradesmen in PNG working for Kaiaworks. It goes a long way to train and up skill tradesman to possess the right skills and knowledge.”
However, he said Papua New Guinean tradesmen are yet to be taught trade skills needed to produce equipment, materials and tools needed to build houses, roads and other infrastructure.
“We (PNG Tradesmen) miss out on acquiring skills and knowledge to produce simple things like bush knives, spades and even machineries such as crushers and bulldozers. We miss these very important skills, we must know how to produce equipment used to build roads, build bridges. If not we will not help to build our country,” he said.
He said his men were now confident of building crushers and equipment but needs help especially from the Government. The crusher will firstly be used for crushing road-base stones for roads in Sinasina-Yongumugl district in Chimbu. He said any sizes of gravel stone sizes depending on needs of customers and orders received.
The SinaSina-Yongumugl (SSY) district has been working closely with Kaiaworks Ltd reconstructing and building roads for the past seven years.
Umba thanked MP and Minister for Petroleum Kerenga Kua and his District Development Authority for having trust and confidence with the company and established a lasting relationship.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sinasina-Yongumugl district Obert Waure representing Minister Kua at the commissioning of the crusher announced that the district will be engaging the company in major works.
He thanked Kaiaworks Ltd for doing quality work for their district roads and assured that SSY will continue to work with the company so long as they can.
Waure was given the honor to cut ribbon to unveil the plague while Papa Leo switched the Crusher on.
The company owns and operates eight mobile crushing plants that are stationed around PNG, where the company is contracted to do civil works.
The launch was attended by Kunabau community leaders including private consultant Anton Goiye, lawyer Peter Kuman, former Kerowagi MP Camilus Dangma, Peter Par, Konduagle Waine Pasai, John Wau to name a few.
Leaders spoke highly of the achievements of Kaiaworks Ltd and its commitment to deliver quality civil construction services to the people.
In the 12-year history of Kaiaworks Ltd, the static crusher was successfully built using all local talents and old abandoned parts.
Kaiaworks is building another static crusher for a customer in Buka in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. There is already demand from customers.