Retirement age


AS per the Public Services Management Act (PMSA) 1995, the compulsory retirement age for public servants is 60.
This was demonstrated by Police Minister Bryan Kramer who did not want to reappoint Gari Baki as police commissioner as well as Peter Guinness whose age is 61 disqualifying him of the top post, acting DCP operations.
Now, the point is, why is the police minister so concerned about the retirement age when in fact most of the other government departments are silent about the retirement age for their employees although the act is in place?
This is a personal attack to our top senior officers of this country.
If retirement age is a way to go, there two-thirds (2/3) of current public servants who have passed retirement age but are still employee and getting paid.
What will the government do?
There are many illegally working in government departments who need to be retrenched.

Whistle Blower