Retirement funds delay continues


IT is uncalled for when seeing the Government fails to attend to “small issues” like not offsetting the State share of exiting members of Nambawan Super Funds and concentrating on “big things”.
It is even in contempt of court order in delaying the payment, as the National Court has already ordered the State to pay out its outstanding contributions to exiting members.
Nambawan Super Ltd also seems to compromise its office to let go the contempt.
It never make its duty through its legal team to take appropriate action.
The effect is heavily felt by the hardworking retired/resigned public servants.
There are so many problems inflicting on the waiting exit members.
While waiting, even some passed away and will never benefit from their hard-earned savings.
It is a cry from the heart of those individual members, including their families, that the State and NSL must work together as quickly as possible to pay out what they are due to pay.

Exit NSL Member

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