Rev Teine acquires two degrees

Reverend Ku Jack Teine. – Nationalpic by ELIAS LARI

AFTER he graduated from college in 1988 as a teacher, Ku Jack Teine decided to devote his life to the church instead.
He returned to his Yowau village in the Salt-Nomane electorate of Chimbu to serve as a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG.
Since then, he has completed two degree programmes – a Bachelor in Public Management from the Divine Word University in 2012, and last week, a Bachelor of Education degree in school management at the University of Goroka regional open campus in Mt Hagen.
He is now a lecturer at the Lutheran Highlands seminary.
Rev Teine, 63, is married to Banu. They have seven children – Jack, Dinah, Cathy, Miriam, Magdalene, Rebecca and Jack Junior.
He believes that God’s blessing on him has rubbed onto his children too. Jack is now a ship captain. Dinah is a nurse. Cathy plans to join one of the disciplined forces, Miriam is at home. Magdalene has completed her business studies course. Rebecca is in Grade 10 and Junior in Grade 7.
“God in his own time will bless you. You just continue what you are doing. Why are you in church if you doubt him? It never works like that. He is the Creator and will give you anything you ask for.”
He believes that with God, all thing are possible, and one is filled with wisdom, knowledge and courage.
He completed grades 1 to 10 at a Bible school in Chimbu, then upgraded his marks at the then College of Distance Education before joining the Balob Teachers College in Lae. After qualifying to be a teacher in 1988, he decided to work for the church rather than the education department.
In 1998, he was promoted as a director of the church in Chimbu. He lately was ordained as a pastor in Chimbu.
In 2001, he became a lecturer at the Highlands Lutheran Seminary in Mt Hagen. He studied Theology while at the seminary.

“ My advice to people is to maintain you faith and trust in God he will always make a way for you. In God there is prosperity, success, blessing, wisdom. He is the source of everything.”

“There are opportunities for people to live good lives. But some do not understand the process. There is no shortcut in life. Accept Jesus and he will show you the path of life, instead of depending on your strength and understanding.”
He called on Christians to maintain their faith so they can receive blessings from God.
“My advice to people is to maintain your faith and trust in God. He will always make a way for you. In God there is prosperity, success, blessing, wisdom. He is the source of everything.”
He thanks his two international donors Bavaria and Leipzig of Germany for supporting his education. He also thanks MP Geoffrey Kama for the school fee programme which also helped him to complete his degree programmes.
With two degrees and a teacher’s certificate under his belt, Rev Teine is contented.
“Nothing is hard. Have faith in God and be committed in what you are doing. You will achieve things you never believe will happen. I did not know that my life would be like this. It was through the faith and relationship I have with God.”