Revamp for cultural office

The National, Monday July 11th, 2016

The acting director of the National Cultural Commission says the government entity is a sleeping giant that has now been awakened after years.
Casper Damien made these remarks recently as he started the process of slowly transforming the entity to live up to its mandate of protecting and preserving the country’s cultural heritage.
Damien said in order to steer the entity forward he had to get the basics right.
“Such things like punctuality and absenteeism were normal occurrences which I had witnessed during my first three weeks in office and so I have decided to put a stop.
“I made sure that staff come to work on time at 8am so that they are not paid for doing nothing. I have introduced a clock-in system to keep track of who is at work and who is absent.
Damien has also put restrictions to unnecessary spending.
Damien who only took office six weeks ago said these were some of the basic fundamental office processes that were not practiced within the entity for the past 23 years.
He said this has resulted in a lack of cooperation among staff.