Reverend calls for survey to find reasons that ‘drives’ prostitution

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A CHURCH leader has suggested that a nationwide survey be conducted to find out what drives some women to prostitution, and then find ways to help them.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG head bishop Rev Dr Jack Urame called on the government agencies, churches and other organisations to respond collectively to the prostitution problem.
“The government, churches and civil society organisations must work together to address this issue,” Urame said.
He suggested that a survey be conducted to address the matter “in a more realistic way”.
“I’ve done some research on prostitution and many say they are doing this to provide food on the table,” he said.
“If this is about survival, then we have to address inequality. Some have much, while some have (little or nothing). (Find out) why they are suffering and engaged in this activity to earn money.
“They are doing this because they don’t have any alternative to get money.
“We must address this. No one must suffer. It’s a big national issue.”
Urame said those selling their bodies were depriving themselves of respect and integrity.
“It’s just like throwing mud in your face,” he said.
“Humans are not commodities who can be labelled with price tags. That’s the moment we devalue the goodness in us,” he said.
He said prostitution was new to the country, and many were doing it because of money.
Urame said money was not part of “PNG history”.


  • The bishop of the second largest has come openly on the issue. You as the head of the church do some planning and do the survey and then present it to the government of your finding. Its a challenge to your leadership and this applies to all the churches in the country.

    All churches preached about LOVE but how can that love be shown we we have burning issues like prostitution??

    • Am with you Kindin Paulus Ongugo and am sorry to remind the good reverend that you shouldn’t be looking for the answers. The answers are in the book called BIBLE. The government doesn’t have answers to these. Reverend, read Matthew 6:33. We need to get our priorities right.

  • A survey would be good to get the views of its citizen.
    I think we should legalise it because;
    1. To reduce sexual crime rate.
    2. Create employment for young men & women.
    3. Reduce poverty in settlements.
    4. Increase SMEs in hospitality industry
    5. Control of HIV/AIDs where both customers and consumers to go through testing before they go on their business.

  • The solutions to the nation’s problems including prostitution, unemployment, and poverty are in the Bible and the church, not the government. If the government had solutions, it would have provided them already.

  • The solution to the individuals survival problem is go to your room, shut the door, close all the windows, with no disturbance, and spend a good 2 to 3 hours and listen to yourselve. In the silence, someone will talk to you in the tiniest of a voice. Embrace it and follow. That is the mustard seed.

  • The World’s Oldest Profession is also thriving in developed countries like the United States. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. Legalize and Regulate is the only option.

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