Revert to old chemistry syllabus

Letters, Normal

I REFER to our Grade 11 and 12 syllabuses.
Recently, a chemistry lecturer from the University of PNG published a Grade 11 and 12 chemistry text book.
While it was a good initiative and must be applauded, I believe it is the quality that makes the difference.
Why don’t we maintain the old standard chemistry syllabus used worldwide or further upgrade it to the current GSCE level?
During my high school years back in the 1990s, we were taught the British/ Australian GSCE chemistry, which is acceptable around the world.
Those who performed extremely well in the three science subjects (physics, chemistry and biology), English and Maths A in Grade 12 were even awarded scholarships to study in Australian universities.
My other point is to revert back to the old education system, especially the three science subjects is because the new syllabus has produced half-baked students entering universities.
For instance, a student not taking physics or chemistry in a secondary school will struggle to understand physics or chemistry.
The foundation of a student entering universities to do science is always important.
It is really sad to see students struggling.
For the good of this nation, a review needs to be undertaken.


Port Moresby