Review colonial law to stop civil unrest


THE only means that would eradicate poverty and civil unrest in our community in regard to our law enforcers such as police and military force is to review our colonial law or mama law.
For the case of our Hela tribesmen and Engan people around Pogera gold mine to stop fighting, we have to review our colonial law or mama law by which Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) and Mineral Resource Development Company (MRDC) has being conditioned to.
It has caused unnecessary civil unrest.
To have our gold bars in Sydney Harbour Bridge for World market has to changed immediately to stop civil unrest.
I don’t want to see what happened in Bougainville happen again up in the Highlands.
We need to do a total transformation about our so called colonial law to suit the time.
In doing so, the value of our currency would improve or rather increase in the World market arena.
By which a K50 would sustain a household for a week like before when a tin of fish was 50 toea etc…
My point is, do away with the law that states that all gold bars should be shipped to Sydney Harbour Bridge within 24 hours after being processed.
MRA should change that law.
If we could have our gold bars here on our shore and decide on our own which market to trade, we would be seen as humans capable of handling our own affairs.
Right now, we are some puppets in our own land.
Thank you and God bless our beautiful country PNG

J HIAhune,