Review free education policy or get rid of it


THE Government’s free education policy needs to either be reviewed or done away with it.
If you recall, with the introduction of the free education policy, an initiative of the former Government, we saw the disorderly attitudes of students in many schools around the country be exposed.
This behaviour has continued.
Fees were paid by the Government for students which makes students think that they didn’t have to work hard at school as the Government would pay for them despite their bad behaviour.
I strongly believe, we have to review the policy or get rid of it.
Let students work hard to pay for their school fees, through their parents, so they can see the struggle and hardship their parents go through and, in turn, practice self discipline at school and study hard and to become an asset to the country’s human resource sector.
It was the free education policy of the past Government that has contributed to students ill-discipline.
It was the free education policy that made many students lazy and disobedient.
The free education policy must be reviewed and changed or done away with.

Christopher W Taweg

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