Review justified, head says

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The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 CONSTITUTIONAL and Law Reform Commission chairman Benjamin Poponawa  says the Organic Law on Provincial Government and Local Level Governments requires “some major changes” since its inception in 1995.

He said on the first day of the inquiry into the law, there had been many obstacles, which justified the review.

“There seem to be many obstacles either at the administrative level or at the political levels,” Poponawa said.

“After almost 18 years since its enactment, the Organic Law needs a review and reform to correct any anomalies.

“Administrative responsibilities must be clearly identified and those responsible for carrying out such responsibilities must fully understand their roles.

“Similarly, political spheres for leaders within the different levels of government must be clearly cut out and understood by the political leaders.

“For instance, the cheque book remains in the hands of public servants, while the planning for its use remains with the politicians.”

Poponawa said the CLRC, with the Department of Provincial Governments and Local Level Government Affairs, would lead the review. 

They will need the support of provincial administrators, district administrators, local level government managers and all elected leaders, he said.

He said the process would involve a review of all literature, a nationwide consultation exercise starting February 2014.

The teams will travel throughout the country to gauge people’s views, and compile of a report with recommendations to government.