Review recruitment process


I WOULD like to share my observations regarding a certain national government department’s recruitment drive published widely recently.
This particular department is a large state agency with offices around the country.
It publicised advertisements both internally and externally.
It is a common practice that such advertisements is a golden opportunity for serving public servants to get promoted by a few grades in their position.
Promotions based on merits is a basic human right for serving in government departments and agencies.
This particular department did well when it advertised its middle-level to senior–level positions.
All its serving officers applied. As usual people wasted their time, effort and resources to make multiple copies as is always the case when applying for a public service position.
Interviews were conducted around August/September.
About 10 public servants were shortlisted for the senior positions where both telephone and face-to-face interviews were conducted.
The interview panel comprised of both internal human resources department (HRD), Department of Personnel Management (DPM) and Australian aid representatives.
However, it was learned that the external panel members did not attend the interviews as sitting allowances were not paid by the advertising agency.
When the concerns regarding the absence of the external members were raised, the HRD and the chairman said they (HRD and chairman) represented the external members, notably the Department of Personnel Management.
The selection outcomes were made known by the departmental head through the department’s internal email systems early December 2019.
Corruption comes in many ways, it can be financial, mismanagement, nepotism, bribery and recruitment.
All kinds and types of corruption need to be uprooted and removed to Take Back PNG.
The aggrieved applicants are appealing to the Public Service Commission to review the selection process.

Yapi Akore,