Review Simbu payroll system

Letters, Normal

PAYROLL fraud in PNG is spreading like the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
In Simbu, it is worse because the payroll system has been decentralised and this has made it tougher to detect any form of fraud.
As such, I call on Simbu Governor Fr John Garia to review the system so that every step is transparent and can be checked.
At the moment, there is no check and balance like the normal Finance and Treasury accounting system.
The present payroll system is open to fraud.
Another issue is unattached officers still on the payroll.
They must be identified and reassigned.
The last resort is to retrench them.
Otherwise, they will continue to eat into the Simbu payroll.
The governor must haul up the Simbu HR manager to explain what measures he is taking to curb fraud and why he did not make any effort to stop it.