Review sorcery law


THE Government should review and make new laws regarding sorcery in PNG.
Sorcery and witchcraft, or sanguma is real which science cannot explain.
It is a supernatural evil spiritual powers of Satan the devil and his ministers (people involved in this activities) Ephesians 6:12.
A court of law cannot prove it because it is not a physical activity with physical evidences.
Our laws were written by our white colonies based on their beliefs, traditions and culture and not on our Melanesian traditions and cultures which sorcery and witchcraft is part of our society.
We, Papua New Guineans, should not deny the fact that our country is not developing because of this problem.
Tell me why most of us leave our villages and go to other places to reside?
People are fearing for their lives and they leave their local villages to other province to succeed in their education, work and business.
The fact is that sorcery is real is like there is heaven and hell.
It is a spiritual evil activity without physical evidence.
The only way to be save from this is to repent from our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour.

10 Miles, Lae


  • that’s is right! , the only way out by allowing the the HOLY SPIRIT to take possession of spiritually and physically and the evil spirits will not see the light.

  • My concern is Law will never work to remove WITCH in this nation, What the LAW could not do Grace of God.
    Today God is using Uncommon men/women who are 100% committed to him are used, to remove these kind of Evils in this Nation, Just visit places like East New Britain, & Enga province, someone will tell you the right place to get deliverance from these places call hell, Devil can not remove devil, only Jesus can and history is repeating now……….

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