Revise budget for inquiry


I WELCOME the UBS loan inquiry spearheaded by the chairman Sir Salamo Injia.
However, it was reported on Monday (May 18) that the inquiry may proceed without the overseas counsels.
The government has allocated an additional K28 million which was released by the Finance Department on Feb 13, 2020. Sir Salamo said the additional K28 million will be budgeted for the overseas commissioner, counsel, solicitors and a firm of solicitors to assist the inquiry.
He elaborated that the involvement of the overseas commissioner and counsel and a firm of solicitors were necessary given the international dimension of the subject matter under inquiry.
The question to be answered is will the government reconsider the allocated K28 million since the overseas commissioner, counsel will not be present due to complications faced as a result of the Covid-19?
If they are not participating, can the prime minister tell the nation what is the revised budget for this UBS inquiry?
We are now expecting a revised budget less than the initial K28 million.
We the tax payers want to know the actual cost of this inquiry.
We are paying tax and need to know how our money is spent.
This commission of inquiry without overseas counsel will lack transparency rather will bring bias judgment.

Concerned Tax Payer,

One thought on “Revise budget for inquiry

  • How difficult is it to complete the necessary processes required to bring these overseas counsels to PNG?? This has been talked about a year ago since the inquiry was initiated.. even before COVID-19 came along.

    Does it take 12 months to complete that process for them to set foot in PNG?? Someone’s obviously not doing their job to make this happen.. the longer it takes the crooks in this inquiry have the opportunity to device smarter strategies to walk away…someone needs to start cracking the whip to get the process of getting these councils (from where it is) to make it happen so the inquiry can properly get off the ground – and should be properly done and those responsible prosecuted so we can value out of the money that was spent on the inquiry.

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