Revival of basic services would be a good start

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

I COMMEND Southern Highlands Governor William Powi for his foresight and determination to deliver goods and services to his people.
It is good to be ambitious because it tells us who he is and what he intends to do for the people as elected leader.
It is common knowledge that plans are only plans, but put the leader on the radar for he is obligated to live up to his words for things that he himself has made an undertaking and commitment to deliver.
In the wake of resource (money) limitations, I urge Powi to concentrate on reviving existing government facilities and institutions such as health and education services.
He should develop an incremental approach and perhaps plan it out year by year.
For example, commit the first two years  to reviving and strengthening existing government services.
The process should start firstly with an audit of all existing aid posts, aid centres, elementary schools, community schools and high schools.
Once all facilities have been audited, the next step would be to ensure that they are equipped with the proper supplies like medicine, drugs, teaching resources, etc.
Likewise, all LLG centres and offices, district offices and sub-district offices should be audited to ensure that they are adequately resourced with things like lawn mowers, type writers, stationery and so on.
LLG presidents and their officers must be required to sit down in their offices and do the work; run council meetings, carry out council resolutions, etc.
These are the basic and fundamental government services and if they are working properly, they will add up to the real meaning of service delivery.
I am well-versed with provincial and local government systems and as such, am qualified to point out that such government services in the country have come to a low.
Provinces and districts are receiving huge chunks of money through DSIP grants, but it is sad to see that the equation is not working out to be right.
I am sure Powi, as a former administrator, is aware of the problems and I am confident  he will deliver on the things he says he will do.
I also take this opportunity to congratulate him on his election.
Yapi Akore
Kagua-Erave, SHP