Revival participants graduate from PV course

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MORE than 20 PNG Revival church participants recently graduated with certificates in personal viability (PV) to help them become self-reliant through
utilising existing natural resources.
The group of 28 men and women, including four senior pastors, were second batch from the church to graduate from the programme managed by the Port Moresby-based Enterpreneural Development Training Centre (EDTC).
Founder and head of the PNG Revival centres, Pastor Godfrey Wippon, urged the participants to initiate own ideas and plans with the skills acquired and their talents using whatever resources that were available to sustain them and their families.
“The knowledge that you have achieved from the nine days training will help you become self-reliant but it is up to you now to make it work,” Pr Wippon told the participants at the graduation ceremony held at Moitaka, Nine-Mile.
He urged them to think big, aim high and not let other people’s opinions distract them from achieving their goals.
“Each person has a purpose and a God-given talent to do things.
“Don’t sit back on them and wait for help to come. Become a self-starter and work your way up to the top,” he added.
EDTC training director in PNG Emmanuel Rausi said the PV training programme was adopted as the pre-requisite training course for all other training and development training courses and the EDTC PV grading
system is applied to reward and recognise good character and competence.