Revive Marawaka Station


THE Marawaka government station was once a district headquarters from the 1970s to 1992.
The management was very good because it monitored the services up-to-date with good employment programmes.
After the relocation of the district to Aiyura, the services and community were neglected.
There is not much for the local level governments and the district.
Few public servants, churches and young men from the community continue to organise community clean-ups and maintain the airstrip, drains, bridges, roads and tracks.
Most of the Yelia Obura Wonenara people continue to miss out on basic services because Marawaka Station lost its standing.
Marawaka is one of those most rural areas that faces challenges in terms of rugged terrains, bad bridges, poor infrastructure and many law and order problems.

Gemel Wox Wasi

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