Revoke current Tisa loan policies


THE recent changes to loan policies by the Teachers Savings and Loans Society (Tisa) has affected parents who lodged their school fee loan applications.
Loans from Tisa have been their lifesaver.
With the recent changes, many parents will be affected and many children will most likely not attend school.
The 1:2 ratio has been scraped and only half of the savings can be withdrawn, which cannot cater for parents who have children in tertiary institutions or who have more than one child in different schools.
There are other policy changes that came into effect as well that are affecting parents’ eligibility to secure school fee loans.
We urge the Tisa board to immediately invalidate these policy changes to help parents.
The name Tisa is synonymous with education and children and we expect it to be very lenient and supportive in helping parents in secure their children’s education.
Tisa is our lifesaver.
Please help our future generations in their education.

Concerned Parent,