Reward offer

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POLICE have offered a K10,000 reward for the recapture of fugitive bank robber William Kapris who escaped from the Bomana maximum security facility along with 11 others last Tuesday.
Acting Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga announced the bounty on Friday and said the reward would be paid to anyone providing information leading to the recapture of Kapris.
At the same time, Bank South Pacific is offering a “cash incentive” for any information that may prevent a bank robbery, fraud or kidnapping of senior bank executives, the bank said in a full page newspaper advertisement.Also on Friday, acting Internal Security Minister Sam Abal appealed to the 12 hardcore prisoners, including Kapris, to surrender.  Last week’s heightened tension following the breakout also resulted in Port Moresby police shooting and killing two well-known criminals at Gerehu. Announcing the K10,000 reward, ACP Kulunga said: “The decision to post the reward was made in the interest of public safety.
“It is quite obvious that Kapris’ escape has caused much fear and anxiety to the public, especially business houses.
“Kapris also poses a threat to State witnesses as well as police personnel if he remains free.”
ACP Kulunga thanked the Government for providing the K10,000 reward money as well as other funds (totalling K3 million) for the security operations aimed at recapturing Kapris and other highly dangerous fugitives.
He urged people with information to contact NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Fred Yakasa on 3244 282 or 7330 2030, or Superintendent (Operations) Andy Bawa on 3244 228 or 7685 8631.
ACP Kulunga assured the public that all information would be treated as confidential.
“For security reasons as well as for identification for payment purposes, informants may be required to provide a code or secret name when giving information.
“This code or secret name will only be known by the informant and any one of the two officers the informant is in contact with.
“I am appealing to everyone to work with police to recapture Kapris and make our society safe and secure again,” said ACP Kulunga.